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Charging Charlie qualifies 16th taking 4th passing 12 cars. Series finished 4th out of 41 drivers.

We had the smallest restrictor of all the engines on the track for the entire series. This would make qualifying difficult and charging necessary. It earned Charlie the nickname Charging Charlie. In this race he qualified 16th and finished 4th. By the video, you can tell it would only have needed a caution or another lap and Charging Charlie would have won it all. I believe he was the best racer of this season and hopefully, so does everyone else. Charlie passed a total of 12 cars in this race and a total of 56 cars in all 4 races of the 2021 ATPLM series. Enjoy the following video!


At 10:48, Charlie saves Hamke car as car 15 wipes out in front of him with a second to make a decision without a spotter. The radios were not working so Charlie was basically racing by himself at 5 Flags Speedway on 8/20/2021. He used a 2014 Hamke Sportsman Ford L425 with 2K laps, 3 speed vs. 4 speed transmission and tape was left on the brake pad. He finished 66 of 100 laps until the power steering box went out so he pulled into the pits. He was lapped one time and was off .731 seconds from the leader and finished 19th out of 22 racers. Is this Dale or Charlie? Doesn't look like Charlie to me.

MSCRA Historical Bolivar Speedway 7/24/2021

Race was cancelled. Here are some pictures I took that day. Historic Bolivar Speedway is one of the only asphalt oval tracks in Missouri. NASCAR drivers raced here including Kenny Wallace and brother Mike Wallace.

Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway 7/17/2021

Charlie ran into the tire upon entering pit area during practice. Race over before it began for us. Here are some pictures of the day. Charlie now knows to enter the pit area slowly. If he cannot pull in slowly, go around a lap until he can pull in slowly to avoid damaging the car.

MSCRA USA Speedway LM Feature 6/19/2021 P4 of 11.

Feature Race: P4 out of 11. Tires were leaking and we had to change valve stems. Chemical and sunburn day. Special thanks to Danny Trent for helping us out.

Worth the Watch. Almost 1st but P9 to P2.

MSCRA Speedway USA P5 6/5/2021. Working on winning.

P19 to P2 finished P4 in last 5 minutes. Passed a total of 20 out of 21 racers.

USA Speedway, Bolivar MO 5/8/2021

First time back and car had the wrong set up. Dad is crew chief. Finished 3rd place. Special Thanks to James Fohn for spotting. I did not get entire race as I thought it was over when he pulled off due to a flat tire. I did not think he could pit and get back out there until it was too late. Learning about racing daily.

The Show Me State at Show Me Showdown 9th place Montgomery Motor Speedway 5/1/21 first race here.

First time at track and finished 9th after qualifying 20th place with a .447 of a second difference from the 1st place qualifier and a .359 of a second difference from 1st place feature finish time. Charlie passed 12 cars total and brought the car home in one piece and ready to race the next ATPLM #2 race on 5/21/21. He learned a lot about the track and can use this information for the next race at Montgomery Motor Speedway.

Charlie Keeven becomes Charging Charlie at 5 Flags Speedway ATPLM#1 4/29/21 3rd Place 3rd race here.

Started 14th then fell back to 18th. Finally, finished at 3rd place. I think Charlie passed the most cars out on the race track tonight. Once he started passing, he made passing look easy. It was a team effort. Charlie passed 22 cars on a Friday night in Pensacola Florida coining the nickname Charging Charlie. Charlie is racing the entire ATPLM series 2021. This includes 4 races and the Blizzard race in December 2021. For further details, visit the Schedule tab of Take a ride with Charlie Keeven as he qualifies for the feature race.

Snowflake 100 12/5/2020 ends the season with a flaky wreck in the LCQ race at 5FlagsSpeedway.

No where for #55 Charlie Keeven to go during the crash on lap 30 of the Last Chance Qualifying (LCQ) 50 lap race when a car in the rubble pivots and crashes straight into passenger door ripping off the sides and damaging the frame of Charlie's car. It was a hard hit. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Both drivers were able to walk away from the scene while both cars were too damaged to finish the LCQ race for a last chance position in the Snowflake 100 feature race. A total disappointment for Missouri driver with big hopes of making the feature race in Pensacola Florida.