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Snowflake 100 12/5/2020 ends the season with a flaky wreck in the LCQ race at 5FlagsSpeedway.

No where for #55 Charlie Keeven to go during the crash on lap 30 of the Last Chance Qualifying (LCQ) 50 lap race when a car in the rubble pivots and crashes straight into passenger door ripping off the sides and damaging the frame of Charlie's car. It was a hard hit. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Both drivers were able to walk away from the scene while both cars were too damaged to finish the LCQ race for a last chance position in the Snowflake 100 feature race. A total disappointment for Missouri driver with big hopes of making the feature race in Pensacola Florida.

#55 takes 5 at 5Flags Speedway on first visit. 1st-5th 100 feet apart at finish line 10/25/2020.

Take a ride with Charlie. A glimpse of what it is like to be the driver. Charlie's first pass of race and fastest lap of race.

Winchester Speedway 2020. Three of four champion contenders end season with wrecks vs. titles.

Racing for the Championship and Rookie of the Year Title! The 13th lap of 100 ended the race for titles and wrecked the car.

I thought he won it until...Bristol Motor Speedway CRA chase race #3 9/26/2020. I'll let you decide.

We started 11th out of 16 cars in the Pro late model series race. Charlie moved to #1 on lap 81 of 100 laps and pulled away from other racers making it look like the win was his and we would be 1 of 4 making it to the champion race playoffs. #55 Charlie Keeven, who turned 14 on 6/30/2020, lost the sword on the 8th restart of race after final caution with only 2 laps remaining of the race. 27 year old Brock won race as Charlie pushed his car through the smoke filled finish line almost recapturing the lead he had prior to the 8th caution with only 6 cars standing in the original 16 cars lined up at the start of the race. It was a battle Charlie did not know existed as the desire for the sword has been a long standing goal of the veteran drivers who have chased it's ownership for many years. Charlie held on and pushed his way to 2nd place. First time visitor and racer at Bristol Motor Speedway, Charlie took to the track immediately calling it one of his most favorite tracks as he specializes in high bank bull tracks throughout his racing history.

Lucas Oil Raceway Fall Brawl 9/20/20 lives up to it's name and Charlie scores 4th in CRA All Stars.

Charlie starts 4th and finishes 4th. I think he could have got 3rd but had to race against lap car for numerous laps for some reason. He needs at least 3 more points to make the Championship race at Nashville. There was a fight, my umbrella broke due to wind and multiple umbrellas landed on the track during a caution. I had to make a decision whether to post the 1st or 2nd part of race and earlier day pictures due to technical difficulties. Speed 51 has a recording of entire race from leader point of view. Will post group picture upon receipt.

I-44 Lebanon CRA Chase Race #1 9/6/2020 Charlie Keeven gets the pole!

Fast Action Racing Team #55 Charlie Keeven gets the pole on an invert of 9 during qualifying. Charlie Keeven held #5 spot fighting with car and best drivers for 87 laps until his unfortunate run in with Mandy after helping Chase in the restart. Run in causes Charlie to bounce off wall and back into race finishing 100 laps with flat tire for the last 13 laps of race going back two spots to #7.

Multi-car wreck ends race 2 seconds after green flag for Charlie at Masters of the Pro's 7/18/20.

Thomas Automotive American Freedom 100 All Stars Tour at Jennerstown Speedway 7/3-7/4/2020.

First session of race prior to first caution. Charlie had the fastest lap of the race. Charlie Keeven driver introduction.

Anderson Speedway All Stars Tour 6/13/2020. 2nd 100 lap race finished by 13 year old Charlie Keeven.

Charlie moves up two positions to 17. He finished both 100 lap races of the CRA-JEGS All Stars Tour series. This places him 7th in overall points out of 39 drivers and 2nd in Rookie points.

CRA-JEGS Lucas Oil All-Stars Tour Lebanon I-44 Speedway Show Me Showdown 1st race 5/30/2020.

13 year old Charlie Keeven qualifies 15th out of 27 in his first 100 lap pro-late model race in a 2020 Rowdy pro-late model car. Fast Action Racing Team #55 Charlie Keeven and sponsors including Kimco Concrete Contractor LLC, Crafton Contracting Company, Swift Springs and Brake O Meter are introduced during the starting line-up. Charlie Keeven finishes first 100 lap pro-late model race 15 out of 27 racers with a spin out in the beginning and helmet hearing problems throughout the race.

Charlie Keeven's first CRA Junior Late Model Feature Race Win!!!

Corrigan Oil Speedway Chase Race Feature 08/16/2019. Fast Action Racing Team # 55 Charlie Keeven gets exciting win in feature. Last Lap Charlie lives up to his name. Anderson Speedway 08/10/2019 Heat 1. Charlie Keeven wins his second heat race in this series. Anderson Speedway 8/10/2019 Season Feature Race # 5. Baerfield Motorsports Complex 7/27/2019 Season Feature Race # 4. Indianapolis Speedrome 7-14-2019 Season Feature Race #3. Baer Motorsports Field 7-6-2019 Heat Race #2. Charlie Keeven wins first heat race of this series. Birch Run Speedway 05/18/2019 Season Feature Race # 1.

Charlie Keeven takes 2nd at Anderson Speedway CRA Junior Late Models Championship Race 9/28/2019.

Charlie Keeven takes 2nd place in the 2019 CRA Junior Late Models winner's circle. Feature Race.