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XTREAM Rock Island Grand Prix 9/3-9/4/2022. Charlie takes 2nd and 4th in Ignite Senior Races 1 & 2.

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

No holding Charlie back. The first race was too slow for speedy as he goes over the top of another Karter. He did get a talking to about that move but advanced finishing 2nd in the Senior Ignite Race 1 and took 4th in the 2nd Senior Ignite Race. The XTREAM Rock Island Grand Prix is the largest karting street race in North America. Charlie was the youngest driver in the Senior Ignite class at the age of 16. Charlie signed up for the King of the Streets race but was 30 pounds light and there would not be enough time to make the adjustments and be prepared for the two Senior Ignite classes so we dropped the race and ate the paid entry fee. Next time, we will bring two vs. one karts. Joshua Merklin had some problems after hitting the wall in the first race which carried over into the second race. He finished 6th in the first race out of 14 drivers and 7th in the second race out of 13 drivers. These two drivers helped Gateway Kartplex get the best track award calculated by number of drivers and most points earned by all represented tracks competing at the Rock Island Grand Prix. It was a fun weekend and the Quad Cities had bike trails across and surrounding the Mississippi River. Kim's best picture of the weekend was of the Prey Mantis, "Ray". Kim broke out her gray and purple Champion tennis shoes for luck and much to her dismay, Charlie Keeven peaked two purples meaning he had the fastest lap twice in Race 2 of the Senior Ignite Grand Prix Race. Fast Action Racing Team consisted of four teammates whereas other teams had large pit crews and worked on their karts for weeks whereas FART did not work on their karts until the morning of the race. Kudos for FART! Charlie is still King Fart!

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