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Pro-Skill: Ranked 18 out of 39,229 racers 4/27/2022.

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Raced both light and medium classes on 4/27/2022 and 5/4/2022. Races ended with light on 5/4/2022 due to rain. 4/27/2022: Light class: Qualified P10, Pre-Final P10 and Final P3. Medium: Qualified P2, Pre-Final P5 and Final P4. 5/4/2022: Light class: Qualified P5, Pre-Final P4 and Final P4. 5/5/2022 will be a redo due to the rain. Gateway Kart Plex is the first outdoor asphalt track Charlie raced at on 4/13/2019. So far, he has raced there 153 times and 5/4/2022 was his 27th visit. They are serious about their go-kart careers. He can talk on the phone about go-karting with his team Fast Action Race Team and friends for hours at a time.

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