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P1 and P3 at Gateway Kartplex 9/18/2022 Supercomp Mystery track Races 9 and 10 are golden for FART!

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Kim drove all night from the Indian race on Saturday night and forced King Fart to race Sunday at 9 a.m. even if it meant going 36 hours with no sleep for a chance to win. Charlie Keeven took P1 in Race 9 startling the veteran racers by crossing the finish line with no hands for his 1st win at a Supercomp race. Superstitious Charlie did not want to change anything on Race 10 while the competition was feverishly searching for a win against King Fart. Maybe he should have changed gears instead of claiming P3 in Race 10. Stay Golden Pony Boy! The Outsiders can win!

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