• Kim Keeven

King of the Kart - Victory Raceway 11/7/2021

He may have never won the official title but Charlie Keeven has raced at Victory Raceway since 2013. On November 7, 2021 Charlie Keeven was 4th out of 211,577 racers at Victory Raceway at the annual King of the Kart Race.

The notion of racing came into play at a Boy Scout's event called Pinewood Derby. A badge for boys competing in constructing the ultimate Pinewood Derby car made of wood to race down the makeshift ramp by the Bear Den Scout Leaders intrigued 7 year old Charlie Keeven. The all boy competition, and determination to win, inspired Charlie to seek similar venues with the help of his dad. They found a summer camp at Victory Raceway, formerly named Pole Position, teaching kids how to ride go-karts and then the summers changed from two wheeled bikes and skateboards to four wheel go-karts with a desire every year to advance to the next level of four wheeled machines (micro-sprints then late model cars).

At 15, he is old enough to get a driver's permit but longs to compete behind the wheel and the side roads/highways are not racetrack approved leaving the driving up to those who follow the road rules. Here is medley of photographs collected at Victory Raceway from 2013 to the present. Enjoy. While I was browsing pictures, Charlie was a walking billboard for products. Today he may need the help of those he formerly helped get his car back on the track for the Snowflake 100 by November 30, 2021. If you see your product on his shirt or in his hand, please help through donations to get the car back on the track. Thanks for your patronage.

Donations can be sent to address on contact tab (page). We will put your name on the Sponsor tab and announce on social media you helped get Charlie to the 2021 Snowflake race by November 30, 2021.

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