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I thought he won it until...Bristol Motor Speedway CRA chase race #3 9/26/2020. I'll let you decide.

We started 11th out of 16 cars in the Pro late model series race. Charlie moved to #1 on lap 81 of 100 laps and pulled away from other racers making it look like the win was his and we would be 1 of 4 making it to the champion race playoffs. #55 Charlie Keeven, who turned 14 on 6/30/2020, lost the sword on the 8th restart of race after final caution with only 2 laps remaining of the race. 27 year old Brock won race as Charlie pushed his car through the smoke filled finish line almost recapturing the lead he had prior to the 8th caution with only 6 cars standing in the original 16 cars lined up at the start of the race. It was a battle Charlie did not know existed as the desire for the sword has been a long standing goal of the veteran drivers who have chased it's ownership for many years. Charlie held on and pushed his way to 2nd place. First time visitor and racer at Bristol Motor Speedway, Charlie took to the track immediately calling it one of his most favorite tracks as he specializes in high bank bull tracks throughout his racing history.

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