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Gateway Kartplex 10/23/2021 - Charlie takes 2nd for medium series Championship Race, 3rd in season.

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Charlie Keeven, alias Cornpop, is one bad dude. The Championship race ended with close finishes, one win, one third and one 2nd place race out of 3 races earning Corn Pop 2nd in the Championship Race and 3rd for the season in points. On this day, he finished 23 out of 38,551 drivers racing at Gateway Kartplex. This is a Pro-level of 3214 or top .06% of all racers racing at Gateway Kartplex.

Charlie takes 2nd in qualifying!

Charlie gets 3rd Race 1 of 3.

Cornpop wins race 2 of 3.

Cornpop takes 2 race 3 of 3.

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