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55 takes 3rd at Anderson Speedway CRA LMS on 8/13/2022 at the World's Fastest 1/4 mile track.

Charging Charlie is a dominant force throughout the race in his 2017 Hamke Car racing against 2022 Cars making old seem new and new seem old with his clean style of racing, including an edge of assertiveness aspiring to win yet fighting for his position in this 22 car Late Model Stock Car Race. He finishes 5th from 2nd as the last caution of the race gives rise to a flat slowing the 55 to 5th place at lap 90 to 100. He moves to 3rd as two podium racers are disqualified for not using the required restrictor plate. This story is to be continued next week with a teammate along with fellow Missourian racers. Teams seem to be a prevalent presence at Anderson.

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