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1st time at New Smyrna - World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing - 2/9 to 2/17/2023.

This is the longest running race raced and attended. The first night, Thursday, was open practice. Friday was the 1st of 6, 35 lap races ending with one 100 lap race on Friday 2/17/2023. Kim overpacked, Dan kept losing the duct tape, Chuck forgot to put back the tools back where he got them and Charlie learned a lot. The car got both dialed in and christened in a crash. Duct tape was used in some races just to get the car back on the track, so we all got worried when the duct tape disappeared during racing.

The first race on Friday 2/10/2023 got rained out and scratched. We qualified P7 to start P1 with the invert we had the pole. No race due to rain.

The second race on Saturday 2/11/2023 qualified P10 and raced up to P6.

The third race on Sunday 2/12/2023 qualified P8 and raced up to P6.

The fourth race on Monday 2/13/2023 qualified P12 and raced up to P6. Feeling pretty good about everything at this point. Tuesday 2/14/2023 was a break to return on Wednesday 2/15/2023.

The fifth race on Wednesday 2/15/2023, 13 was not our number. We qualified at P13 and finished P27. On lap 13 malicious ignorance wrecks the car. The hood flew off then we got a black flag because other parts were flying off upon intentional collision.

The sixth race on Thursday 2/16/2023 we tried to get back into the race. We thought everything was okay then the radiator blew water over the tire losing control of the car into the wall after we had to tape the car up to continue to race the weekend. We qualified P11 with best lap at 16 but wrecking on lap 17 taking us out of the races for the weekend. We had fun and got our feet wet on a long race week. We'll try again next year. It is better if you have more than one car so you can park that car upon wreckage and concentrate on the spare car with a long race week. We had a crew of six at one time mostly Danny Trent as Crew Chief, Charlie Keeven as driver, Kim Keeven as photo and media woman and crew, Chuck Keeven as crew, Mark Lambert spotter and Kent Baledge, a fellow racer, helping get the Car on track after initial collision. Thank you for all your efforts and support. We were not able to race Thursday night nor the 100-lap race on Friday 2/17/2023. Everyone went home with some new knowledge acquired over a 9-day race schedule. Charlie and Kim also raced go-karts at Orlando Kartplex to end the race week on Friday 2/17/2023. It too was fun!

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