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1st National Go-Kart asphalt race at 2022 Spring Nationals - Charlotte Motor Speedway 3/4-3/6/2022.

Charlie Keeven qualified P15 then moved to P20 on Qualifying session 1. Qualified P15 on Qualifying session 2. P2 in the LCQ race. An accident on lap 14 of 16 laps in the feature race takes out Charlie's tie rod and steering is gone. He was able to stop on grass causing $110 of damage. Finished P35 out of 40 racers in the feature race. There were 46 racers in the Senior Medium Class. Charlie learned drafting at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Before this weekend, he was only familiar with drifting. Special shout out to Kinetic Motors, Coyote Racing including Precision Performance Karting. We just kind of showed up and got the help we needed to make the show and have a 2nd place finish in the LCQ race.

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