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1st K100 kart race - Karting Challenge Round 6 - Go-Pro KA100 Senior 7/23/2022.

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

King Fart was Fast on his first race of a K100! The K100 go-kart does over 70 mph. The field was packed with 36 KA100 Senior Class go-kart racers. Charlie qualified P34 and moved to P23 in the Pre-final to finish P18 in the final. Used kart number 555. Will be using #555 or some other number in asphalt go-kart racing so do not be confused with the current #55. Remember to look at the name, not the number. #55 may not be Charlie Keeven but someone else. After qualifying for this race, the #55 was bought out by the competition for the season. Charlie had fun and wants to race another K100 Senior class before the end of the year.

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